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My Blogging Work

Just a small smattering of the blog work I’ve done across the World Wide Web.

Ok, it isn’t fire, but it is stuff I have made that I now present to you.

What Construction Workers Wish You Knew

Like with every profession, there are stigmas and cliches associated with being a construction worker. And, like most stigmas, many of them are not true.

Meet Arnie: Leader, Teacher, Friend

A profile of a valued employee of RBV Contracting in Detroit.

What’s This Slack Thing, Anyway?

If you had a way to improve communication among your team, eliminate extra emails and have a little fun while doing it, would you? Our guess is, yes. The answer to your communication woes may lie in a new tool you’ve probably already heard a lot about.

How To Revive Your Creativity When You’ve Been in a Rut

Keeping creative energy high all the time takes effort. Luckily, we have a whole list of ideas that we use to keep our creative juices flowing.

How To Humanize Your Brand

The new generation of consumers is not interested in faceless, heartless corporations…they want to do business with humans.

Hidden Dangers of Pokemon Go? 

It’s a fun, popular, seemingly harmless game that’s swept the nation, and the world, since it’s release about a month ago. But what risks does it present?

Port Operations as a Result of Alliances

Alliances, the sharing of ships to transport goods, have resulted in megacarriers, which are challenging the status quo of port operations.

4 Ways Autonomous Ships Can “Save” The Shipping Industry

While self-driving cars seem to be the latest technology buzz on everyone’s mind, even more likely to make a break into the market sooner rather than later are autonomous ships. These ships are no longer just a pipe-dream as numerous companies and organizations are undertaking the design and implementation of this technology.