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Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction

My newest book is now available on Amazon!

You can get it in both ebook and paperback just in time to have some creepy stories to tell around the campfire. Or the fireplace channel on Netflix.

The Book: Like stepping off a stair you didn’t realize was there, the stories in this collection of flash fiction offer stomach flips, sudden jolts, and quick bursts of terror.

From a relentless mind control device, vengeful actresses and quirky time travelers, to a future where our clones are our slaves, these stories are flashes of fiction that teeter between dark and light.

In this collection, you’ll find creatures that dance on the edge of the darkness and tales that shine a little bit of light into the shadows. Find a moment from your day to relish in that balance. Pick up this book, step off that stair, and let your imagination explore the creepy corners found in Flash in the Dark.

The Buzz: 

“Whether it be through brilliant bursts of science fiction, sweet slice of life scenarios, or tense tales of terror, in this debut chapbook Allison Spooner offers readers a masterclass not only in flash fiction, but also engaging and intriguing stories completely told in bite-sized morsels. The efficiency and energy here is both relentless and unparalleled. Buy this book, as it’s one you’ll want to read, read again, and share.”
Dirk Manning, writer/creator of NIGHTMARE WORLD, TALES OF MR. RHEE, and more

“Reading Allison Spooner’s flash fiction is like going for a pleasant walk around town and finding yourself irresistibly drawn into dark, damp, and quite probably dangerous alleys. You know you shouldn’t go down there, but you just can’t help yourself. Perfect for anyone with a slightly twisted sense of humor and a finely tuned sense of irony.”
Erin Bartels, author of We Hope for Better Things

Still not convinced? You can find an amazing review right here. 

Future Visions: Volume 2

Infinite Possible Futures

One Bold New Anthology

You can find my short story, The Last Cry, and the stories of many other talented writers, in this anthology featuring stories that take a peek at an ever-evolving future. You can purchase the ebook here.

Want one you can hold? Get the paperback.

Buzz about The Last Cry:

“It reads like an episode of Black Mirror — both shocking and beautiful. It’s an empowering experience which I thought played with gender roles in an intelligent and unique way.”

“The Last Cry lets the theater of your mind peek into a future that has themes relevant to today. The story tells a tale that only great science fiction can. It creates a mirror into the the current human condition through a realistic yet dystopian hopefulness with subtle touches of technology. All the frailty of human emotion in contrast with the technology of it’s time. A thought-provoking tale that’ll make you think and leave you wanting more.”