Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction

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Like stepping off a stair you didn’t realize was there, the stories in this collection of flash fiction offer stomach flips, sudden jolts, and quick bursts of terror. 

From a relentless mind control device, vengeful actresses and quirky time travelers, to a future where our clones are our slaves, these stories are flashes of fiction that teeter between dark and light. 

In this collection, you’ll find creatures that dance on the edge of the darkness and tales that shine a little bit of light into the shadows. Find a moment from your day to relish in that balance. Pick up this book, step off that stair, and let your imagination explore the creepy corners found in Flash in the Dark.


Allison’s latest work, Flash in the Dark – A Collection of Flash Fiction, is a brilliant composite of her penchant for short, memorable, endearing stories. Often less than five-hundred words, but always unique works of art, Allison’s flash fiction is impactful. – Amazon Review


A truly fantastic collection of short stories. Leads the reader through a variety of snapshots and mini-tales, each as detailed and eloquent as it is brief.

Amazing, how pieces of writing with so few words can evoke such a variety of reactions from its readers… tears for a moving reunion, chills from the shadows behind you being something far worse… -Amazon Review


Short stories seem a lost art. Mr. Bierce, Ms.Shelley, Mr. Joyce, Ms. Mansfield, Mr. Poe… When was the last time you sat down and experienced a cross section of literature, of styles, of genres? High school English Lit (or Language Arts or Humanities or whatever it’s called these days)?

Ms. Spooner expertly constructs her narratives like tiramisu, alternating layers of striking detail and delicate subtlety. She moves with ease from unnatural to upbeat to unsettling to uplifting from beat to beat and each story progresses with gratifying revelation after gratifying revelation. Like most delicacies, once done, her tales have a way of leaving you satisfied, yet craving more at the same time.

This collection keeps you on your toes and, once complete, truly leaves an impression. Quirky and unrestricted, this was a terrific read. You’ll devour and savor it at the same time.Amazon Review


Whether it be through brilliant bursts of science fiction, sweet slice of life scenarios, or tense tales of terror, in this debut chapbook Allison Spooner offers readers a masterclass not only in flash fiction, but also engaging and intriguing stories completely told in bite-sized morsels. The efficiency and energy here is both relentless and unparalleled. Buy this book, as it’s one you’ll want to read, read again, and share. — Dirk Manning, writer/creator of NIGHTMARE WORLD, TALES OF MR. RHEE, and more

Reading Allison Spooner’s flash fiction is like going for a pleasant walk around town and finding yourself irresistibly drawn into dark, damp, and quite probably dangerous alleys. You know you shouldn’t go down there, but you just can’t help yourself. Perfect for anyone with a slightly twisted sense of humor and a finely tuned sense of irony. –Erin Bartels, author of We Hope for Better Things and The Words Between Us

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