Three To Thrive: What Are Your Three?

Exactly one month ago, I introduced the world to the Three To Thrive Theory. If you don’t remember, it was a whole month ago after all and I can barely remember where I set my phone two seconds ago, it’s cool. You can brush up. I’ll wait.

Ok, ready? Now that you’re all caught up, I want to help you find your three–three things about you that you need to nourish in order to truly thrive. Because who doesn’t want to thrive? Being happy is easy…ok, well, it’s not THAT easy but, being happy is a relative term. You can be happy one moment, sipping a glass of wine and watching your favorite reality show, and two seconds later your toddler might be screaming, throwing a sippy cup at you and spilling your wine all over your new couch. Not happy anymore, eh? 

But, if you’re thriving, your state of thriving does not solely depend on day-to-day moments. It depends on you. Your outlook, your attitude, and…your three core things.

In October, I’ll be inviting all you to join me in a little challenge where we take time to nourish our three core things. But, first, we have to find them. 

So, let’s do it. 

3 Questions 

To get started, I’ve got 3 questions I’m going to have you answer about yourself. It’s like a Buzzfeed quiz, but better.

Now, the trick is to both answer fast AND to really think about your ideas. You want them to be instinctual but also dive below the surface. Easy, right? Let’s try. You can write your answers down on a piece of paper, type them somewhere, keep them in your head, whatever works…

Question 1: When I’m ______ (activity/hobby) I feel alive.

What is something you do that you simply could not give up? If you miss a day of this activity you feel… incomplete. If you could never do it again? Well, you’d be lost. Give it some thought (but not too much!) then write your answer down. 

Q2: When I experience _______ (emotion), I feel invigorated. 

Picture it. It’s late in the afternoon, you’ve hit your midday slump and just don’t feel like you can make it the rest of the day. Then, something happens. Someone says something to you. You get an email. You catch a glimpse of something… it evokes this emotion… and you’re revived. It’s like coffee, but better. You can make it through the rest of your day and beyond. What’s that emotion?

Question 3: If my life has _____(noun), I feel fulfilled. 

Think outside the box for this one. You might be tempted to say family, and that’s ok, but think about why. What does your family give you that you can’t get anywhere else? It doesn’t has to be family. I feel like a lot of you will pressure to put this, or friends, or something like that…don’t. We all know you love your family and care about your friends, your three go beyond those feelings.

Now take a look at the three things you just wrote down and… think about them… then, think some more. Think about the importance of them in your life, how they make you feel, what you would do if they were gone. When you’re at your best, what role are these things playing, if any? Keep thinking about that…

Next, we’ll dig a little deeper into your answers and decide the three things in your life you need to nourish in order to thrive. But to do that, I need to see some examples of your answers. Care to share? You can comment here or use the picture below to get social with your answers. Save the pic, post it, and throw your answers in the description. Tag me on Facebook or Instagram. Or DM me on either of those. Let’s Thrive Together!

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