God’s on Break: An Addiction Story

It’s been over twenty years since I lost my father to alcoholism.

I don’t talk about him or his disease a lot but September was the anniversary of his death and National Recovery Month, so I thought it was time to start sharing a little more about him.

Many of you might know that he was an extremely talented writer and musician who probably could have had a promising career if it weren’t for his addiction. He had a unique talent for writing about humanity and sharing messages of love and unity that I am only now able to fully appreciate. So, I decided to share some of his words and some of his stories here. Because he deserves to have them heard and those still trapped in the throes of addiction deserve to know they’re not alone.

Some words will be hopeful, some pained, some from his final works, some from journals scribbled in during recovery. I have only ever experienced addiction through him and his words, but there is a journey in his messages and I’d like to share some of it.

“The world is a beautiful place

Given a choice

Wish it would stay that way

I want the trees the flowers birds

All the rest

Could stay by my word

But I’m not in control

I can’t even control me

Only God delivers

He seems to be on a break

The souls around me cry

Their tears fall

I’d like it to stop

Don’t let it fall

But I’m not in control

I can’t even help myself

Only God can deliver

And God’s on break.”

-Eddie Spooner

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