Coming in October: A Flash in the Dark

The Dream

Like any good writer, I’ve always wanted to publish a book. When I was young, I dreamed of being picked up by an agent, seeing my name on a cover adorning the shelves of a bookstore, signing books for fans, and making millions. As I grew up, and technology changed, that dream evolved. Ebooks became a thing and traditional publishing became less lucrative (unless you’re a King, a Grisham, or a Rowling). I also began to stress over the actual writing of a book. Novels were hard. Writing was hard. Obviously, I wouldn’t let that stop me but real life, and jobs, and relationships, and adulting happened and I wondered, when exactly was I going to write this?

My focus began to shift when I discovered short fiction. I found I had a knack for telling intriguing stories in very few words, and I loved the challenge of it. I began entering contests, participating in flash fiction events and even creating exercises that would encourage me to write more and more flash…all the while wondering, when was I going to write my book?

Then, one day I realized…I had.

The Book

I had piles (well, electronic piles) of flash fiction and short stories stocked up and just sitting around waiting…for what? The perfect place to publish them? A contest to enter? No. A book. My book. I realized I had already done the hard part, I had written the content. And judging from reactions, and judges and feedback…the content was good.

It was time to publish a book.

That book is called, A Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction and it’s coming. Soon.

October 19th, to be exact. 

Flash in the Dark is a collection of stories no more than 1,000 words. That’s right, even those who claim “I have no time to read,” can find a few minutes in their day to read a super short story. Some of them are even less than 500 words. Here’s a little preview:


If only it had been oil.

If it had been, things would be different now. If all the things we’d done that day had gone differently, I wouldn’t be here, alone, surrounded by silence and stench and wishing for that crumbling farmhouse.


Taking Flight

When Death stopped for me, I eagerly took his hand.

I almost missed my chance because I was not looking for him. No one was. No one expected him to show up and no one wanted him too . . . well, almost no one.


The Duplicate

Mistress was warned not to get too close to her Duplicate. “They weren’t created to be companions!” Master often bellowed as Trudy followed Mistress from room to room. “They were created to work!”


The stories are a little dark, a little creepy. Some are lighter, but they’ll all make you shiver. I hope. So, just in time for Halloween, watch my blog and my socials for more details and get ready for A Flash in the Dark. 

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