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My Books

  • Flash in the Dark

    In this flash fiction collection, you’ll find creatures that dance on the edge of the darkness and tales that shine a little bit of light into the shadows. It only takes a moment of your day to dive in and relish in that contrast. Pick up this book and let your imagination have 5 minutes to explore the creepy corners found in Flash in the Dark.

  • The Problem with Humans

    From deadly mistakes and crass crimes to the sweet moments that once again give us faith in humanity, the stories in this collection will both break your heart and make you smile.

  • Future Visions: Volume 2

    The Future grows ever closer. In this second volume of the Future Visions Anthology Series, we give you 12 new visionary tales of the future. From a mother forced to hear the sounds of her dying child every single night, to a scientific breakthrough that reveals the horrifying truth about the common house cat, the future has never been more clear. But whether these are visions of horror, heartbreak, or humor, one thing remains: we are still human. The Future Visions Anthologies will bring you stories like these every other month, and much more.

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